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These economy weatherproof plastic stanchions have a hitching post design and are sold in sets of 2. Each stanchion includes a pole with a hollow base, 1 pole topper, a 6.5' plastic link chain, and a C-hook to attach the chain. The hollow base enables light weight transportation and carrying and can be easily weighed down with sand or water as filler for stability. Stanchion pair poles are available in Black, White, and Yellow. Plastic is rustproof, waterproof, and fade resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor use but still decorative enough for indoor use as well. Each post measures 38.3 inches in height and 14 inch diameter at the base, and each weighs approximately 3 lb as is, and up to 15.5 lbs with filler sand, or water. Included chain measures 6.5 feet in length. Double C-hooks allow for multiple line configurations.
Made from durable aircraft grade steel and featuring a minimalist matte black finish, this multi-purpose stanchion is just the tool for your line management needs! Each stanchion measures 41.5 inches in height and each has a 14 inch diameter base. Stanchion features a retractable belt that extends up to 8.5 feet or 11 feet, that can be ordered in 4 colors – Black, Royal Blue, or Red. Easy and convenient two-part assembly required. Retractable belt stanchion sold as a single piece (1).

A set consisting of a ceremonial event carpet runner available in red, blue, green, pink, purple, and black; two polished brass stanchions; and velour stanchion rope. This is the ideal kit when it comes to crowd control accessories. The kit includes a carpet available in sizes ranging from 3 feet by 10 feet to 6 feet by 30 feet, with every combination in between in increments of 5 feet in length, a pair of brass stanchions standing 41 inches tall, and a fine velour stanchion rope.


The 2 piece black plastic stanchion set includes a pair (2) black stanchions that measure 2.5 inches in circumference and 39 inches in height with a base that measures 14 inches in diameter. This hitching post style stanchion set has a pointed dome top design, and features C-hooks to attach the 16 feet plastic chain that comes included with your full set. The stanchion alone weighs approximately 3 lbs, and can be filled with water or sand to increase the weight.

This is a single product of 1 stanchion. The mini stanchion is a strong, durable solid steel construction with a matte black finish overlay. A must have for efficient protection of items that demand high visibility such as antique or specialty automobiles on show. Each stanchion stands 24 inches tall with a 2.25 circumference body and a base diameter of 14 inches. The stanchions come with a retractable belt (available in colors black, red and blue) that extends 11 feet to maximize spacial economy. The stanchions are sold individually to meet your exact needs, and feature an easy two part assembly in addition to a 4 way adapter that adjusts any way you require.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.


This set includes a pair of four piece white plastic stanchions, with the pieces being a round base 14 inches in diameter, a post measuring 39 inches and being 2.5 inches in diameter, C-hooks to attach the chains to and a ball top. Also included is 16 feet of plastic chains, with the design promoting easy attachability. The stanchion alone weighs approximately 3 lbs, and can be filled with water or sand to increase the weight.

Featuring an elegant brass finish on quality stainless steel, these individually sold stanchions featuring an easy two-part assembly are just the item for your crowd management needs. Measuring 24 inches in height and 14 inches in diameter, the stanchion features a retractable belt that extends up to 11 feet, making for a financially and spatially economical option. The belt comes in colors black, red and blue, along with an included four-way adapter top to create the line configuration you require.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Mini Stanchion features a labor intensive process of chrome finish coating and re-polish over quality stainless steel. Includes retractable belt extends up to 11 feet. Belt comes in colors Black, Red, and Blue. It also features a four-way adapter top to create any line configuration. Mini stanchion measures 24 inches and 14 inches in base diameter. Requires an easy two-part assembly. Stanchions are sold singly (1) one.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Set includes 2 luxury chrome stanchions with urn shaped top and a red velvet rope line with matching hooks. Stanchions are made from stainless steel with a shiny chrome finish. They feature a four-way adapter disk to create any line configuration as needed. Stanchion post measures 39 inches in Height and 12.5 inches in Base Diameter. It is built with a sturdy base and weighs about 17.5 Lbs. Velvet rope is available in colors Red, Black, and Royal Blue and measures 6.5 feet in length. Their latch hooks secure the rope to the queue poles. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly is required.
Made from stainless steel and featuring a brassy golden finish, the Luxury Brass Stanchion and Rope Queue Management Set includes a set of 2 luxury brass stanchions and a burgundy velvet rope with matching hooks. Further included is a four-way adapter disk to create any line configuration. The stanchion measurements are 39.5 inches in height, and 12.5 inches in base diameter, with the velvet rope length being 6.5 feet. The sturdy base, weighing 17.5 lbs, keeps the stanchions firmly upright, while the easy 2-part screw-in assembly and latch hooks secure the rope to the poles.
The Black Flat Top Stanchion is made from sturdy airplane grade steel, with a matte black finish. The flat top has a disk with four openings that enable a 4-way line configuration. The black flat top stanchion measures 39 inches in Height, 12.5 inches in Base Diameter and weighs 15 Lbs. It is built with a sturdy base to keep it firmly upright. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly. Please note that this is a single product and more quantities can be ordered as needed.
The Luxury Stanchion Queue Pole is made from Stainless Steel with Chrome finish and features an Urn shaped top and a four-way adapter disk to create any line configuration desired using stanchion ropes. Each queue pole measures 39 inches in Height and 12.5 inches in base diameter. The base is solid and sturdy, weighing 17.5 Lbs to ensure the post remains steady and upright. Easy two-part screw-in assembly required. Sold singly (1) one.

A great alternative to velour ropes that is just as elegant with a decorative twist. This Vibrantly colored braided stanchion has golden hook ends that pairs perfectly with golden/brass colored stanchions. You can get the rope in Black, Royal Blue, and Red in 6 FT or 5 FT.


This polished ceremonial brass stanchion has a detachable round base and a rubber floor protector underneath base. These stanchion has a polished brass dome top with a disk of 4 openings for rope clip ends. Sold singly (1) one stanchion. Stanchion ropes may be purchased separately.

.Specifications: Base: 12.5 inch diameter, height of post: 39 in.

This product features a Braided Rope with Chrome hook ends. Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red in 6 FT or 5 FT.
This Velvet Rope features Chrome hook ends. It measures 6.5 Feet in length and is 1.7 inches thick. Velvet Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, or Burgundy.
This product features the Braided Rope with mirror polished hook ends. It measures 6.5 feet in length and 1.7 inches thick. Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red.
This Luxury Velvet Stanchion Rope features Brass Hook ends. Rope measures 6.5 feet in length and is 1.7 inches thick. Available in the color Burgundy.
This Velvet Stanchion Rope features mirror polished black metal hook ends. It measures 6.5 feet in length and is 1.7 inches thick. These velvet ropes are available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red. Perfect to use with our Black Stanchion Posts.

This bright kelly-green standard carpet runner is a beautiful accent to any corporate event function. The Standard Green Event Carpet Runner is available in widths 3 and 4 feet, with lengths of 10, 15, and 20 feet.

Need bigger sizes?  Check out our Deluxe Deep Green Carpet, you can get it in dimensions of 3,4, or 6 feet width and lengths up to 50 feet!

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Crowd Management Products for Any Event or Business

Crowd management products are some of the most important tools to maintain order in any event or business with foot traffic. They often go unnoticed but this is the beauty of a well thought out crowd control system. If the right crowd control products are strategically placed at any venue or place of business, your guests or patrons will not require much detailed instruction about where to go and what to do. Most people will recognize the queue management posts, classic ropes, and retractable belts but they do not even know what they are called. Quite frankly, they are probably not interested, but if you don’t have them in place, chaos will arise the moment a rush foot traffic occurs. Stanchions, rope and retractable queue posts are just a way for you to operate your business or function smoothly.

Crowd Control Products and Safety Compliance for Retail

In today’s retail climate, crowd control products like stanchions, rope, and retractable belt queue posts are more important than ever; not just because they help you organize your business but for safety reasons. Government agencies at all levels are requiring businesses to have proper crowd control systems in place to ensure the safety of the visiting public as well as the safety of employees. Poor crowd control management can end up in serious injury and even death, and as a result, lawsuits may be filed against the businesses responsible. Yearly, Black Friday doorbuster stampedes end up in serious injury to customers as well as employees due to a lack of proper planning. Every business that deals with the public should have proper safety crowd control equipment to protect both parties along with proper insurance coverage. In fact, many business insurers require that proper queue management products like stanchions and barriers are in place in order to provide coverage. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is one of the major advocates for employee and consumer safety in the retail industry. Their Crowd Management Safety Guidelines call for the use of crowd control products to decrease the risk of accidents by properly guiding clientele—especially during special sales events. The National Retail Federation (NRF) is also concerned with the safety of shoppers and employees, and just like the OSHA, the NRF’s Crowd Management Guidelines encourage the use of stanchions, rope, and other queue solutions. This, of course, spans to other non-retail industries that still deal with a high number of visitors daily, like event venues, banks, amusement parks and hospitality businesses among many others.

Crowd Control Products for Events – Safety vs Décor

All events, no matter the size, should be prepared with crowd control products to manage a large number of attendees. However, luxurious events like ceremonies, galas and some theater presentations require as much décor as they do safety precautions. Certain types of stanchions are a better fit for special occasions. Classic stanchion posts that utilize velvet rope as opposed to retractable bands perform just as well while adding an air of luxury and refinement to your venue. Brass and chromed stanchions are perfect examples since they have a high gloss metallic finish that renders a great appeal but their quality stainless steel construction and heavily weighed base make them just as sturdy and durable as any. Even retractable band stanchions can come in these metallic finishes, so even if you want to skip out on the classic velvet rope, you can still achieve a luxurious look. These types of stanchions come with various color options for the bands that can be just as appealing as velvet rope. The only downside to some of these deluxe stanchions is that they sometimes cost more than the non-decorative ones. So, if a luxury stanchion is not within your budget, don’t pass up on safety. Standard stanchions won’t necessarily be an eye-sore at your event, and your guests will be better served with proper crowd control safety products in place.

Buying the Right Crowd Management Products

Regardless of industry, if you expect to have customers or visitors at your place of business, crowd management products like stanchions and rope play a big role in safety. The question is which crowd control products are right for your business? Above, we mentioned the use of luxury stanchions for special events that call for elegance, but there are various types of stanchions that better fit other industries. Retractable band stanchions, for example, are excellent for banks, public parks and retail venues because they provide on-the-go solutions thanks to their “all in one” inclusion of the built-in band to act as a queue barrier. You can easily lock and unlock the belt latches to the head of the next stanchion for quick line configuration. Likewise, the size of the stanchion plays an important role in its use. Mini stanchions are typically about ½ to ¼ of the size of a regular stanchion. Mini stanchions also come in standard and deluxe metal finishes and with options of rope and retractable band—just like regularly sized queue poles. However, their use is a sort of specialty since they create a crowd control barrier that is excellent for car shows and museum exhibits because they don’t stand out high enough to obstruct the view. Mini stanchions pose less of a threat to the exhibited items because they don’t tip over as easily, and if they do, their fall range is minimal. Other types of stanchions include plastic, which are made from a durable waterproof material that is excellent for outdoor use while being a great economical alternative and safety colored posts that call attention to hazards.

No matter what the use, features quality crowd control stanchions and queue management products to help make your business safe and organized. Whether you are searching for stanchions with rope, retractable bands, or stanchion signs, we have you covered with a wide variety of choices in various colors, materials, and finishes. Take a peek at our selection of specialty mini-stanchions for car shows and museum exhibits or our luxury classic stanchions for prestigious events.